zing anti-wrinkle cream


Zing cream


Skin anti-wrinkle cream


Zing cream contains:

Elastin-collagen-co enzyme q 10-olive oil-coconut oil-allantion-cyclomethicone-aloe Vera extract-srearic acid-cetyl alcohol-methyl paraben-perfume-deionized water.



*Zing cream restores skin balance and vitality; in which it contains cyclomethicone which act as a conditioning agent and a protective barrier on the skin

*zing cream is anti-aging cream ,it contains elastin which is a solid yellow protein which forms a main part in the connective tissue which helps the skin to restore its vitality

*zing cream also prevents the appearance of fine lines which leading to wrinkles , since it contains collagen which is the main structural protein of the various connective tissue, the loss of natural collagen leads to the appearance of wrinkle in the face

*zing cream also is an antioxidant, since it contains co enzyme q 10 which act as antioxidant agent ,since wrinkles appear as a result of the oxidation of fatty acids on the wall of cell which leads to loss of ductility cell, so q 10 used as an antioxidant which contribute effectively resist wrinkles

*zing cream also works on skin nutrition and softening; since it contains a group of natural oils which nutrient the skin and protect it against damage

*Zing cream has a noticeable effect on the skin because it's anti-aging because it contains anti-oxidant.

*useful in the revitalization of the skin and increases its ability to renew cells and resists wrinkling

*Zing cream stimulates the production of enzymes that produce collagen in the skin and nourish dry skin and makes it soft and supple

*Zing cream is used for increasing elasticity and firmness of the skin

*Zing cream leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy and feeling revitalized and full of energy

*Zing cream is rapidly absorbed and will leave the skin feeling extra silky soft to the touch, smoother, more resilient and youthful looking.

*Zing cream reduces cell damage.



To prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

To keep the skin vitality and smoothness



Zing cream is a safe product when applied on the skin


How to use:

wash the face well by makeup remover or facial soap before zing cream using before bedtime, wait 2 minutes to ensure that no moisture remains on your

skin, then apply zing cream using long strokes toward your temples (instead of down or against the natural direction of your wrinkles) or soft circular motions for the delicate area around your eyes, put the cream onto the skin until it absorbed, then wash your face with cool water in the morning to remove any residue or film left by the cream

Apply daily anti-wrinkle cream to your face; wait until it is completly absorbed before applying makeup


Available packages:

100 gm


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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