Ultra hair cream


Properties :
Ultra hair cream feeds the hair from the roots to get a
thick , strong and healthy hair.
Ultra hair cream acts as a hair conditioner , it smooths
hair and treats dry , frizzy and damaged hair.
Ultra hair cream promotes hair growth in length and volume.
Ultra hair cream repairs damaged hair and prevents hair breakage.
Ultra hair cream contains a natural protein powder which : Reduces dryness.
Balances moisture.
Promotes hair elasticity.
Lends shine to the hair.
Indications :
Nutrition for the hair.
Nourishes , strengthens and smooths the hair.
Composition :
Hydrolyzed protein , Keratin , Silicon oil , Wheat germ oil , Jojoba , Tea tree oil , Saw palmetto oil , Coconut oil , Safflower oil , Nigella sativa oil.


  • Date : January 16, 2018
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