tiger herbs


Tiger Herb

Energy drink  for vitality

Natural phyto –aphrodisiac

A potent combination of herbs, minerals and antioxidants with the added benefit of a fat metabolizer



Energy drink for vitality

Has an unique and extra ordinary formula

Natural phyto –aphrodisiac

Tiger herbs relieving stress, improving memory, increasing energy, fighting fatigue, restoring vitality, overcoming exhaustion, preventing illness, strengthening the body

Tiger herbs will help the body to quickly restore physical, sexual and mental performance

Tiger herbs a fantastic formula contains natural♂ .powerful natural libido enhancers and strong work all in one♂ bag

Increase your inner strength and prolong your life span

Improving thinking, concentration, memory &work efficiency, physical   stamina athletic endurance&

Improving sexual dysfunction

Improving immunity

Increase cerebral circulation, so increase mentality performance



Panax ginseng-Cinnamon-Ginger-Rosemary


how to use:-

Simply place one Tiger herbs bag into a cup of boiled water, cover it and allowing them to steep for 5 minutes, then drink

Use 2-3 times daily before meals

Tiger herbs can be sweetened by normal sugar, diet sugar or honey if needed



Not suitable for children less than 18 years old

Be careful with patients with high blood pressure



Package contains 25 filters

Package contains 10 filters


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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