Tamam self tanning cream


Tamam cream


Skin tanning cream



Stearic acid-Cetyl alcohol-Glycerin-Flax seed oil-Soybean oil-Aloe Vera extract- Methyl Paraben



*Tanning skin

*Tamam cream helps to restore skin to its natural color

*Tamam cream protects the skin from sunburns.

*Tamam cream helps activate cells to produce the pigment melanin

*Tamam cream works to moisturize the skin after use

*Tamam cream stimulates and increases melanin formation, thereby accelerating the tanning process.

*Tanned skin looks healthy and attractive; Tamam cream may provide this look without the risk of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Vitiligo injury occurs due to imbalance function of the immune system

*Tamam cream is useful in the treatment of vitiligo as it contains substances interact with the sun's rays and help activate the cells to produce the pigment melanin




Protection from harmful sun rays

Tanning skin



Safe with women, men

Not have any side effects


How to use:

Apply a suitable amount of tamam cream on the skin before exposure to sun rays


Available packages:

100 gm


Vitiligo is the loss of the skin to produce melanin which excreted color of the skin. Vitiligo happens when cells die that produce melanin, causing the appearance of white dots of different size and shape on the skin. Vitiligos usually start with itching in a small limited area, followed by loss of color and then diffuse over time



What causes Vitiligo?

The pigment that gives your skin its normal colour is melanin: cells known as melanocytes make it. The cause of Vitiligo is not yet fully known but many think that it is a disease in which the body makes antibodies to its own melanocytes and in doing so destroys them. After that, the skin cannot make melanin properly, and Vitiligo is the result. In support of this idea is the way that people with Vitiligo are more likely than others to have diseases, caused in much the same way, of other organs such as the thyroid. 

Sometimes Vitiligo seems to be triggered by an episode of sunburn. It affects men and women of all races equally, but is most easy to see in people with dark skins.


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