setup anti-wrinkle cream


setup cream


Skin anti-wrinkle cream

For skin disorders such as wrinkles, fine lines and aging, since it is a safe alternative to Botox but it is more safe and effective


Setup cream contains:

collagen, elastin ,stearic acid ,cetyl alcohol ,cyclomethicone ,olive oil,coconut ,callendula extract,co enzyma q10,allantoin,methyl peraben, propyl paraben ,perfume, deionized water



Setup cream activates the generation of collagen which prevents thinning of skin and fine lines, so it is an effective agent against aging &wrinkles appearance

Setup cream moisturizes the skin, which results in reducing the fine lines &wrinkles appearance by enhancing the texture of skin

Setup cream helps to get rid of dead cells of skin and exfoliates skin so it becomes smoother.

Setup cream is anti-oxidant, since it protects the skin from free radicals, improves elasticity

Setup cream treats acne, stretch marks and sun damage

Setup cream reduces scars, remove damaged cells and imperfections

Setup cream contains vitamins that nourish and soothe the skin

Setup cream enhances the color of skin by lightening dark spots.

Setup cream is a safe alternative to Botox and more effective

Setup cream restores the healthy appearance of the skin



Setup cream used to treat the skin disorders such as


Fine lines


Scar and damaged cells


Acne and dark spots

To maintain the freshness of the skin

a safe alternative to Botox


Product safety:

Setup is a safe product when applied on the skin


How to use:

wash your face well with makeup remover or face soap before applying anti-wrinkle cream before bed ,wait 2 minutes to ensure  that no moisture remains on your skin, then apply setup cream using long strokes toward your temples(instead of down or against the natural direction of your wrinkles)or soft circular motion ,for the delicate area around your eyes, put the cream onto the skin until it absorbed then wash your face with cool water in the morning to remove any residue or film left by the cream

Apply anti-wrinkle cream daily to your face; wait until it is completely absorbed before applying makeup


Packages available:

100 gm.


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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