premix hair shampoo


premix shampoo


Anti-hair loss& regrowth

Natural hair nutrient system



Tea tree oil-Silicon oil-safflower oil-Nigella sativa oil-olive oil-rosemary oil-Saw palmitto oil-Aloe vera extract-Biotin-Panthenol-Green tea extract-Sodium laureth Sulfate-Betaine-EDTA-Polyquaternium 10



Premix shampoo contains a balanced and integrated group of ingredients which treat  hair damage, frizz ,splitting ,roughing &hair falling which may caused by dyes or air pollutants

Protects hair from damaging UV rays.

Strengthens and nourishes strands from the roots to tip, helping to control hair fall

helps to repair damaged hair and adds thickness.

Anti Dandruff, since it has anti-septic action, anti-inflammatory & increasing surface circulation

Anti dryness ,since it  Provides essential nutrients to dry scalp.

Leaves hair clean and smooth.



Diffuse hair loss

Hair brittleness

Hair dryness

Damaged & Splitted hair

Hair loss during pregnancy &lactation



Safe with women, men and children

Safe with pregnant and lactating women

Safe with all types of hair


How to Use:-

Put Premix shampoo on wet hair then gently massage and left on the hair for 5 min. then rinse with water.

Used regularly 2-3 times


Package: –

Bottle contains 250 ml


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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