Premix hair cream


Premix Hair cream


Cream for all types of hair, a magic anti hair loss for hair growth



Stearic acid-Cetyl alcohol-Glycerin- petrolatum -Tea tree oil-Silicon oil-Aloe Vera extract-Green tea extract-Methyl Paraben-Propyl Paraben-Perfume-Deionized water



*Premix hair cream contains a balanced set of oils and extracts that help to reduce hair fall and promote good hair growth.

*Premix hair cream restores good appearance and brightness for exhausted hair after and during dye using and bad environment and sun rays.

*Premix hair cream makes hair more shiny, smooth, increase tensile strength and hair density.

*Premix hair cream inhibits 5 alpha reductase enzyme (5 A R that responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT that responsible for genetic hair loss for men and women) so reduce DHT production.

*Premix hair cream prolongs the process of hair growth phase.

 *Premix hair cream stimulates & prolongs the anagen phase of hair growth cycle.

*Premix hair cream regrowth the miniaturized hair follicle.

*Premix hair cream blocks the androgen receptors.

*inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme so reduce DHT production.

*antihistaminic, antidandruff & anti-inflammatory.

*Premix hair cream induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells by scientifically calculated nutrition amounts.

*Premix hair cream makes hair more shiny, smooth &strong tensile strength & increases hair density.

*Premix hair cream reduces itching, dryness of scalp which associated with hair loss.

*Premix hair cream stimulates hair follicle growth.

*Premix hair cream normalizes the hair follicle count & filling the scalp.



Treatment of:

*Genetic hair loss for women and men.

*Diffuse hair loss for women.

*Dandruff resulting from dryness scalp.

*Hair styling and brittleness



*Not have any side effects.

*for all types of hair


How to use:

Apply a suitable amount of premix hair cream on the scalp and hair roots and hair shaft then leave cream on scalp and hair for longtime not less than 3hours then rinse if desired

Use once daily


Available packages:

150 gm


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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