Pharmakon-N cream


Pharmakon Cream


Look and feel younger as Pharmakon Cream gradually restores natural looking colour to your hair. There is no sudden embarrassing change.


*Pharmakon cream is not a dye. Pharmakon cream works with the hair's natural chemicals to restore natural looking color, the hair gradually develops the same rich blends of highlights and shades found in natural human hair. It does this by counteracting the effect of pigment (melanin) starvation in the cortex of the hair.



Melanin is the pigment that determines your natural hair color as we age, the levels of melanin in our body start to decrease which in turn causes your hair go grey


*pharmakon cream results: pharmakon cream gets ride of grey hair gradually .it works slowly over two to three weeks to return natural looking colour to the hair. It gradually turns grey or white hair a golden brown, then, day by day a medium brown then dark brown to dark if desired. There is no sudden change. Your friends will only notice how much younger you look.


*Pharmakon cream work on any color hair & you control the color whether you're blond, brunette, dark.

*Pharmakon cream unlike some conventional dyes, Pharmakon cream will not stain the skin so we don't need to wear plastic gloves.


*how do you control the hair colour?

When your hair reaches the shade you desire, which is usually within two to three weeks, use Pharmakon cream less often .most people find that once or twice is sufficient to maintain the color, you may find you need pharmakon cream more often or less frequently than this, depending upon the length of your hair , how grey you are and how fast your hair grows.


*Pharmakon cream works on all hair types, however the thickness and texture of your hair, will influence the coloring process. The more porous your hair. The faster pharmakon cream will work. If your hair is less porous, the process will be slower & you may have to use Pharmakon cream daily for little longer. However, once you have reached the color you wish, Pharmakon cream need only be applied once or twice a week to cover the new hair growth.


*Pharmakon cream not wash off or run, Pharmakon cream is permanent and colorfast .However ,if you discontinue using pharmakon cream , the color will very gradually fade from your hair over time . it will not color skin or clothes-only hair.


*Pharmakon cream not a grey parting reappear because when you use pharmakon cream regularly you color the hair as it grows from the roots.


*Pharmakon cream not damage hair or scalp because pharmakon cream doesn't contain harsh chemicals that could cause dryness or damage .in fact, Pharmakon cream contains a built in conditioner and regular use helps keep the scalp free from dandruff and stops the hair from becoming too dry.

*Don't use any styling products such as hair gel, hair mousse, hair spray or wax.

These products will build up on your hair follicle making it difficult for the pharmakon cream to work once your hair has achieved the desired color you may resume using normal products.


*you can blow-dry your hair. In fact, this may speed up the coloring process.


*Pharmakon cream results can affected by swimming in chlorinated pools or in the ocean can lighten normal hair. You may find that's also lightens hair coloured with pharmakon cream. If your hair becomes too light. Simply increase the frequency and amount of pharmakon cream you use.


*Pharmakon cream perfectly safe when it's used as directed.


*Pharmakon cream contains a small amount of sulphur, which can discolor some types of metals (jewellery) .avoid contact with jewellery however if tarnishing does occur, simply use a commercial metal cleaner.


*Pharmakon cream will not wash or rub out. Use pharmakon regularly to prevent grey roots reappearing.Pharmakon cream controls dandruff & conditions your hair as it colours.


How to use:

First shampoo your hair, dry your hair thoroughly. Don't condition it. Gently massage

Pharmakon cream close to the roots & comb it through your grey hair. Apply pharmakon cream to your hair. Your grey hair will vanish gradually (usually around two weeks)

(Shampoo at least twice weekly)



First aid if poisoning occurs contact a doctor or poisons information center

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  • Date : September 30, 2014
  • Tags : Hair Colouring(Anti-grey&white hair)