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Hair oil


Papilakon hair oil is a magic anti hair loss for hair growth, all natural hair loss components using the most scientifically proven natural powerful DHT blockers so it fights specifically against hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair, splitted hair, rough hair, frizzy hair.



Papilakon hair oil is scientifically proven all natural anti hair loss for hair growth formula.

Papilakon hair oil contains more than 15 active ingredients which act as a team work to produce powerful synergistic efficacy.



Garlic oil-jojoba oil-lavender oil-wheat germ oil-rosemary oil-grapeseed oil-cedarwood oil-castor oil & many other biological medicinal oils.



1-stimulates & prolong the anagen phase of hair growth cycle.

2- Regrowth the miniaturized hair follicle.

3-block the androgen receptors.

4-inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme so reduce DHT production.

5-antihistaminic, antidandruff & anti-inflammatory.

6-induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells by scientifically calculated nutrition amounts.

7-makes hair more shiny, smooth &strong tensile strength & increases hair density.

8-reduce itching, dryness of scalp which associated with hair loss.

9-stimulates hair follicle growth.

10-normalize the hair follicle count & filling the scalp.



Papilakon hair oil fights against diffuse hair loss, alopecia (androgenetic, areata), hair brittleness, damaged & splitted hair & early baldness, dandruff, itching, irritation, frizzy hair



Papilakon hair oil is scientifically proven natural components which have no side effect reported.

Safe with men, women, children.

Safe with pregnant and lactating women.



Gentle massage the oil into the scalp using fingertips & hair from root to the end of hair then leave for at least 5 hours for best results then rinse with water if desired



Bottle contains 250 ml



Keep away from light & heat.

Stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 c.

Keep out of reaching of children.

External use only.



  • Date : February 18, 2015
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