papilakon conditioner cream


Papilakon hair conditioning cream


Hair straightener and conditioning conditioning cream


Papilakon conditioning cream contains:

Keratin-silicone oil-jojoba oil-olive oil-soybean oil-d panthenol-stearic acid-cetyl alcohol-paraffin oil-glycerin



*papilakon conditioning cream contains keratin which is the easiest and best way to straighten and soften the hair in short time

*papilakon conditioning cream contains a balanced set of oils and extracts that help to reduce hair fall.

*Papilakon conditioning cream restores good appearance and brightness for exhausted hair after and during dye using and bad environment and sun rays.

*Papilakon conditioning cream contains proteins that work to repair damaged hair, promotes hair growth in terms of length and volume, stimulate new cell growth and tissue formation, that helping to get a healthy scalp and strong hair roots.

*Papilakon conditioning cream for all hair types.

*stimulates & prolong the anagen phase of hair growth cycle.

* Regrowth the miniaturized hair follicle.

*block the androgen receptors.

*inhibit 5 alpha reductase enzyme so reduce DHT production.

*antihistaminic, antidandruff & anti-inflammatory.

*induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells by scientifically calculated nutrition amounts.

*makes hair more shiny, smooth &strong tensile strength & increases hair density.

*reduce itching, dryness of scalp which associated with hair loss.

*stimulates hair follicle growth.

*normalize the hair follicle count & filling the scalp.



*For Hair straightener and conditioning

*Treatment of:

Hair loss


Damaged and splitted hair

Frizzy hair



*Papilakon conditioning cream is a safe product when applied on hair

*Not have any side effects.


How to use:

Apply a suitable amount of papilakon conditioning cream on the scalp hair shaft then leave the cream on scalp and hair for long time not less than 3 hours then rinse with warm water


Available packages:

Bottle contains 500 gm.



  • Date : September 30, 2014
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