Female sexual enhancer gel
Properties :
Ioniza gel provides the vigor and vitality of women.
Ioniza gel increases sexual energy and libido for women.
Ioniza gel enhances the quality of life and diminishes the undesirable effects of aging such as menopause.
Ioniza gel affords a passionate , long-lasting sexual session.
Ioniza gel enhances sexual enjoyment for women by relieving vaginal dryness and promotes blood flow to the genitals for greater sensation for extra push towards orgasm.
Ioniza gel is a safe and effective product that can enhance vaginal lubrication.  

Composition :
Pueraria mirifica , Witch hazel , Ginseng , Menthol ,
L-arginine , Visnadine , L-carnitine , Phosphatidyl choline , Caffeine , Chlorhexidine , Tocopheryl acetate , Ascrbic acid , Tea tree oil , Herbal extracts , Flavor.


  • Date : January 17, 2018
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