Gawhara Facial lightening Cream


Gawhara cream
Face lightening cream

Gawhara cream is distinguished by its strong effectiveness in lightening and whitening the skin the face and the body.
Gawhara cream is one of the creams used in lightening and whitening the skin , the face and body.
What are the benefits of Gawhara cream for lightening and treating black spots on the skin? What is the method of using Gawhara cream ?
Components of Gawhara cream :
Stearic acid , cetearyl alcohol , allantoin , alpha arbutin , kojic acid , decapeptide12 , methyl paraben , propyl paraben , deionized water.

Properties of Gawhara cream :
*Gawhara cream is face whitening cream , since it contains substances that are safe for face
whitening which prevent frequent pigmentation with melanin.
*Gawhara cream act to harmonies the color of face
*Gawhara cream treats acne and reduces sunburns
*Gawhara cream , also act as a natural exfoliant
*Gawhara cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles , fine lines and anti- aging.
*Gawhara cream contains anti- oxidants which can clear dark spots from the face and brighten
the face
*Gawhara cream is a moisturizer, conditioner and anti-inflammatory.
*Gawhara Cream cleans the face well.
*Gawhara Cream improves the texture of the face.
*Gawhara Cream softens the face.
*Gawhara Cream working to cover face cells responsible for face moisture. It’s quickly absorbed into
the face cell and leaves no oily residue on the face which works as a buffer against loss of moisture.
In addition , it helps to soften the face and restore vitality.
*Gawhara Cream reduces the damage of the face which is caused due to continuous itching.
*Gawhara Cream inhibits the enzymes that are responsible for the production of melanin (dark
pigment) in face cells. It is also an antioxidant and helps to protect your face against environmental
*Gawhara Cream helps to remove dead face cells and lighten the face.

Indications :
For whitening , moisturize and soften the face.
To clear dark spots , wrinkles , acne marks.
To avoid sun burns.

Product safety :
Gawhara cream is a safe product when applied on the face.

How to use :
Wash face well with water and then dried well and then use Gawhara cream appropriates quantity on the area you want lighten their color.
Rub in circular motion and then leave Gawhara cream to dry on the face.
Used at evening.
What is the best way to use skin lightening creams to get perfect results?

To get the most benefit from skin lightening creams and avoid any side effects such as inflammations , it must be used in the correct way by following routine steps that complement each other :
1- Wash your hands well before applying the lightening cream to avoid transferring the infection from your fingers to the skin of the face.
2- Wash the face well before applying the lightening cream directly, either with water or a cleansing liquid , and then dry it gently in order to remove the makeup on the skin.
3- Putting a small amount of the cream, in the size of pea, on the face, because using large quantities may lead to skin inflammation.
4- Do not continue to use the cream if the skin is sensitive to any of its components , which appears in the form of redness or itching.
5- Distribute the cream well on the face in general in the case of lightening all face , or on the places to be lightened.
6- The cream is placed away from the eyes , mouth and nose to avoid any inflammations.
7- Not to use perfumes during using the lightening cream due to the presence of some allergens in these fragrances.
8- Avoid going out in the sun after applying the lightening cream.
9- Avoid high temperatures , whether from the air or the kitchen oven.
10- It is preferable to use the cream in the evening.
11- Proper hydration of the skin , so it is important to drink enough water to maintain healthy skin.

Are there reasons that may increase the side effects of the cream?
– Increase the amount applied of the cream.
– Apply the cream during the day, because it is applied only at night.
– Exposure to sunlight a lot during periods of the day or exposure to high temperatures at home.

How to treat side effects, if they occur?
• The use of the cream is stopped in case of appearance of severe inflammation and redness.
• A soothing cream is placed on the inflamed areas at home.
• Apply sunscreen immediately in the morning and upon going out.

Is it recommended to use skin lightening and whitening cream during pregnancy and lactation?
• Some women have the color disappears easily after hormones stabilize and childbirth.
• The whitening cream should not be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Package :
Box of 50 gm

Gawhara cream

1- Gawhara cream is a strong face lightening cream , as it contains many components that prevent the production of melanin , which indicates a strong lightening for the face and different body parts.

2- Gawhara cream is as a natural deep exfoliant.

Portrait of young woman before and after treatment and makeup.

3- Gawhara cream is a powerful acne scars removal cream.

4- Gawhara cream is a cream that works to remove freckles, leaving the skin smooth.

5- Gawhara cream is a cream that works to remove spots and prevent the appearance of black spots


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