Gawhara Facial lightening Cream


Gawhara Facial lightening cream


face whitening cream



Stearic acid-acetyl alcohol-emu oil-allantoin-mulberry extract-licorice extract-diazolidinyl urea-alpha arbutin-kojic acid-decapeptide12-methyl paraben-propyl paraben-water



*Gawhara cream is face whitening cream, since it contains substances that safe for face whitening which prevent frequent pigmentation with melanin.

*Gawhara cream act to harmonies the color of face

*Gawhara cream treats acne and reduces sunburns

*Gawhara cream, also act as a natural exfoliant

*Gawhara cream prevents the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and anti aging

*Gawhara cream contains anti oxidants which can clear dark spots from the face and brighten the face

*Gawhara cream is a moisturizer, conditioner and anti-inflammatory

*Gawhara Cream cleans the face well.

*Gawhara Cream improves the texture of the face.

*Gawhara Cream softens the face

*Gawhara Cream prevents the appearance of acne and dark spots

*Gawhara Cream anti for emergence signs of aging

*Gawhara Cream working to cover face cells responsible for face moisture. It's quickly absorbed into the face cell and leaves no oily residue on the face which works as a buffer against loss of moisture. In addition, it helps to soften the face and restore vitality.

*for the treatment of acne: clogged pores often end appearance of acne, which is a common face problem especially among teenagers. Gawhara Cream is antiseptic and non greasy texture, making it an effective treatment for acne. It helps to remove excess oils that cause pimples and black heads. As also works to purity the affected premises and clean pores, not cause any raised or scars on the face.

*It's one of the best face care treatment. That helps to reduce production of sebum which is the main contributor to greasy face. Gawhara Cream simply helps in mineralizing the dry areas of the face. As a result, you will get a smooth face just like you always wanted

*moisturizes the face. It enhances the appearance of dry or damaged face by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness

*Gawhara Cream reduces the damage of the face which is caused due to continuous itching. Sunburns can also treated acne problem, dryness of the face and any other type of face problem

*Gawhara Cream is anti-bacterial that helps getting rid of pimples and blemishes.

*Gawhara Cream contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce red swellings caused by acne or rashes. It reduces the size of acne and pimples. Additionally, it helps regulate oil production in the sebaceous glands thereby preventing oily face and frequent acne breakouts.

*It helps to moisturize and keep the face hydrated.

*Gawhara Cream inhibits the enzymes that are responsible for the production of melanin (dark pigment) in face cells. It is also an antioxidant and helps to protect your face against environmental toxins.

*Gawhara Cream helps to remove dead face cells and lighten the face



For whitening, moisturize and soften the face

Harmonies the color of face

To clear dark spots, wrinkles, acne marks

To avoid sun burns


Product safety:

Gawhara cream is a safe product when applied on the face


How to use:

Wash face well with water and then dried well and then uses gawhara cream appropriates quantity on the area you want lighten their color

run in circular motion and then leaves gawhara cream even dries on the face

Use evening




  • Date : September 29, 2014
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