Gawhara Eye Contour Lightening Cream


Indications :
• Keep the skin free of dark circles & freckles under the eyes.
• To nourish the skin and protect it against damage such as acne marks and sun burns.
• To remove eye contour melisma.
• For eye contour skin firming.
• To protect eye contour from sun burns.
• It contains TYROSINASE Enzyme inhibitors ,so prevents melanin formation.
• It is a safe and effective way to eliminate dark circles, freckles, age spots & acne spots and under the eyes that are caused by lack of sleep or hyper-pigmentation.
• It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes.
• It includes vitamins which are useful for skin care.
• It includes sun block agents against UVB & UVA.


  • Date : January 16, 2018
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