funny V.D



Vaginal douche

Funny is an integrated solution for feminine hygiene scientifically proven natural ingredients powerful to eradicate vaginal infections (single & mixed infection)

Funny is a perfect antiseptic and cleanser for health care and feminine hygiene

Funny eliminates all the microbes that cause vaginal infections

Funny restores natural physiological PH, which reduces the vaginal infections



Tea tree oil, menthol, thymol, chamomile extract, Betaine.


1-Tea tree oil:

-to give powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial effect against bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis and trichomoniasis

-Enhancement immunity, pain killer, powerful penetrating effect to cure deeply infected tissues so no recurrent infection after treatment course


-to give antiseptic effect against bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis

-Deodorizing effect to remove bad odors

-Cooling and calming effect to effect itching and irritation

3-Thymol (carvacrol):

-To give powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial effect against bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis and trichomoniasis

4-Chamomile extract:

-To give fast improving for symptoms of vaginal infection like itching, discharge, pain with urination

-Anti-inflammatory effect to remove inflammation.

-Astringent effect to remove itching and irritation

-Enhances natural moisture and relieve vaginal dryness so no recurrence


-Perfect cleanser of strong concentrated foaming.

-Decreases the surface tension that facilitates removing of dirt and micro-organisms even from small crypts



-Funny restores natural physiological PH (acidic buffer)

-Funny helps to maintain the normal moisture level leaving a cooling and refreshing sensation without itching

 -Broad spectrum antimicrobial agent (bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis and trichomoniasis)

-Leaves a protective layer for several hours

-Deodorizing agent

-Reliving vaginal infection symptoms fast (Itching, irritation, discharge, bad odor)

-Local anesthetic

-High foaming product

-Pleasant odor (Rose odor)

-Non staining

-High cleansing product



Treatment of vaginal infections (bacterial vaginosis, candida vaginitis & trichomoniasis)single or mixed infection

Prevent of vaginal itching & irritation

For routine cleansing during menstruation

In post-partum & puerperal hygiene

Local hygiene especially during menstruation

In post-operative therapy in gynecological surgery



Funny is scientifically proven natural components which have no side effect reported

Can be used by pregnant women can’t tolerate oral antifungal agent or antibacterial agent

Can be used with patients suffer from renal dysfunction, hepatic dysfunction, ulcerative colitis patients, diabetic patients


How to use:-

 1-2 provided measure to be filled with funny then diluted with one liter of warm water then douching with diluted solution, use 2-3 times daily

In severe cases: to be used 2-3 times daily directly without dilution, leaving for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water



Please stop use if hypersensitivity occurred from each of funny ingredients



1-keep out of reach of children

2-keep at temperature 25°c

3-for external use only


Available packages:

Bottle 240 ml

Bottle 120 ml


  • Date : September 30, 2014
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