demulca cream


Demulca cream





Aloe Vera extract- panthenol-tocopheryl Acetate-Retinyl palmitate-Shea Butter-cyclomethicone-Calendula extract



*Demulca cream cure for psoriasis

*Demulca cream is anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, and anti-bacterial

*Demulca cream has significant impact effectiveness against infections and allergies and itching, which lead to complete control on the symptoms and signs of skin infections for along time

*Demulca cream removes some of the layers of unwanted skin

*Demulca cream reduces inflammation and reduces skin irritations.

*Psoriasis occurs when faulty signals in the immune system cause skin cells to grow too rapidly and build up on the skin. Demulca cream slow down or normalize that excessive cell reproduction and reduce inflammation associated with psoriasis

*Demulca cream helps to prevent itching, reduce cracking of the skin and can help to remove scales

*Demulca cream protects the treated skin areas from sunlight and Ultraviolet (UV) rays

*Demulca cream relieves redness, swelling, itching and irritation of the skin.

*Demulca cream is recommended for patients with damaged skin caused by psoriasis symptoms and for patients aiming to keep their improved skin condition under control.

*Demulca cream does not stain clothing, colour the skin, or cause pigmentation of the skin.

*Demulca cream helps skin to retain water

*Demulca cream moisturizes dry skin

*Demulca cream treats psoriatic arthritis

*Demulca cream act by blocking the effects of the inflammation which occurs in the lining of your joints. They can be very effective in controlling the pain and stiffness of arthritis.

*Demulca cream protects the skin from infection and decreases reactive oxygen species









Safe with women, men, children

Not have any side effect

Safe to use on the skin of children.


How to use:

Apply a suitable amount of demulca cream on the skin, then gently massage.


Available packages:

Plastic tube 150 gm


  • Date : September 30, 2014
  • Tags : Skin Care Products