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*Melanin is the pigment that determines your natural hair color as we age, the levels of melanin in our body start to decrease which in turn causes your hair go grey


*You can get rid of the apperance of white hair by using some creams , which is working to restores the levels of melanin pigment in the hair cortex to the normal level.


Pharmakon Cream



Look and feel younger as Pharmakon Cream gradually restores natural looking colour to your hair. There is no sudden embarrassing change.


*Pharmakon cream is not a dye. Pharmakon cream works with the hair's natural chemicals to restore natural looking color, the hair gradually develops the same rich blends of highlights and shades found in natural human hair. 



*pharmakon cream results: pharmakon cream gets ride of grey hair gradually .it works slowly over two to three weeks to return natural looking colour to the hair. It gradually turns grey or white hair a golden brown, then, day by day a medium brown then dark brown to dark if desired. There is no sudden change. Your friends will only notice how much younger you look.


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